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Using Boom Cards in Your Primary Classroom

When it comes to digital resources, it’s never been more important to have comprehensive and easy-to-use products that are teacher-tested and shown to produce great results! No matter what your classroom looks like this year, Boom Learning is an engaging platform that you can use across all learning models. Boom

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BOOM Cards

I’ve been playing around with BOOM Cards for a while now and my students absolutely LOVE them! I love them too because I get to see what my kiddies are up to. I get stats on the questions they got correct/incorrect, how much time they play each game, and so

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End of The Year Activities

We’re nearing the end of the semester already! And it can be hard to keep things fresh and exciting for students. Everyone is ready for the upcoming holidays, and looking forward to having a break from school. Sometimes that means students aren’t as engaged in learning as they were when

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5 Things I Never Leave Out Of My Weekly Teaching Plans

Every week, every day, every hour of teaching is dynamic and always changing. But one thing stays the same for me: I always include the same five elements in my weekly plans:  Hands-On Games  Individual Work Technology Movement Community Building  Each week might look a little different in terms of

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