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The Power of Collaboration for Primary Teachers

Teachers need each other. When we come together, we find essential solutions to our everyday hurdles, and those more complex obstacles, as they arise. We connect socially, build community, and set an example for our children about working together with others. Does it ever feel like we are wearing all

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Teaching Children about Manners In the Elementary Classroom

Good manners matter! They help us show good character traits and understand boundaries so we can be respectful of others. To build good manners, our little learners often need a lot of practice at school to improve their social-emotional skills and interactions with others. Moving beyond teaching please, thank you,

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How to Have Difficult Conversations with Parents

Whether you’re dealing with problems with student behavior, academics, or other social or learning difficulties, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with parents. This can be a challenge when you’re talking about sensitive topics. But with time and practice, teachers can usually find a strategy that works

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Bring Your Primary Classroom Outdoors 

Something awesome is happening at my school right now. The parent fundraising committee is raising money for an outdoor classroom!!  They hope to have enough money for benches, picnic tables, and even a learning gazebo! I’m so excited about this addition to our school, and I absolutely LOVE combining enriching

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Teaching New Vocabulary Through Writing

Isn’t it exciting watching our students as they’re learning to read and actually comprehend what they’re reading? Once a child can read independently and absorb what they are reading, it becomes fun for them and opens the door to endless learning opportunities. When we bring in writing instruction that supports

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