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BOOM Cards

I’ve been playing around with BOOM Cards for a while now and my students absolutely LOVE them! I love them too because I get to see what my kiddies are up to. I get stats on the questions they got correct/incorrect, how much time they play each game, and so much more. I get stats on every student who plays Boom Cards in my class and that just makes things so much better and easier for me. While my students play, I can take small reading groups, work with those who need a little push, and get organized. It’s perfect!

I’ve also been playing around with creating my own Boom Cards. Until now I haven’t shared any of my creations but I think it’s time, don’t you? 😉

I already added two bundles to my store: CVC words and Digraph games. With the CVC words game, students look at a picture, drag letters and type on their keyboard to spell the word. In the digraph games, students look at the picture and drag the correct digraphs to complete the words.

Want to try a game for FREE? I got you! Here’s a short a words game that you can try.

I’d love to know what you think of these new games. You can email me at, and find me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, and you can join our .

I have a few more games in the works so keep an eye out. You can stay in touch by joining my email list. That way, you will never miss a thing! 😉

Need more information on BOOM Cards? CLICK HERE

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