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Effective Strategies for Teaching Sight Words to Primary Students

The ability to recognize high-frequency sight words is one of the most important indicators of reading success for young learners. Help your students develop awesome reading skills with these tips for effectively teaching sight words to primary students. What Are Sight Words Sight words are high-frequency words, meaning that they

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Reading Fluency Practice for Early Readers

There are so many parts to reading instruction. It can be tricky to keep them all straight if you aren’t well-practiced. Luckily I can break this one down for you! And, of course, I have some great resources to improve fluency instruction in your classroom. Eventually we want to bring

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Guided Reading Games

Hi everyone, I am very happy to announce that we are FINALLY working on sight words in my class! Yes, we started looking at them at the very beginning of the year. However, we are now in full swing “Sight Word Bootcamp” over here!! We read sight words every morning,

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