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Letter Sounds Bootcamp for Little Learners

No matter what your curriculum looks like, phonics instruction for primary grades is a big undertaking. One super effective way I initiate my phonics instruction each year with my first-graders is with a Letter Sounds Bootcamp. I usually spend most of September teaching and reviewing letter sounds that were taught

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Activities to Help Apply Sequencing Skills to Reading and Writing

It’s true that sequencing is so common in our day-to-day life, recognizing patterns and putting things in order usually comes naturally for our students over time.  Even at home, whether they’re putting toys in order from biggest to smallest, or recognizing daily patterns and predicting routines; sequencing can become almost

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5 Things I Never Leave Out Of My Weekly Teaching Plans

Every week, every day, every hour of teaching is dynamic and always changing. But one thing stays the same for me: I always include the same five elements in my weekly plans:  Hands-On Games  Individual Work Technology Movement Community Building  Each week might look a little different in terms of

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Reading Warm-Ups

I’m SO happy to announce that the Reading Warm-Ups are HERE! Woohoo!! This resource has been on my mind for over a year and I finally get to share it with you. Why did it take me so darn long to make it, you ask? I wanted this to be PERFECT

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