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Crayon Art Project

Hi everyone,
I’m here to show you the MASTERPIECE that we worked on this week!
I’m not very artistic so coming up with art projects for my class 
is always a struggle for me…
I wanted my students to work on a something colorful, to go with our rainbow crafts, so I decided to go with something that I LOVED making when I was a kid!

This art project is very easy.
Just follow these simple steps.
We started by covering a white paper with wax crayon. 
In order to make this work well, you need to make sure that your students press hard with their crayons. 
The thicker, the better!
We then covered our papers with black paint. 
I tried several different kinds of paint for this and I found that tempera paint works best.

 I expected this part to be SUPER messy but it worked out nicely!
I gave my class a fun Spring activity, to work on at their desk, and I called a few kids to this table at a time.
This allowed me to keep a close eye on those students who got “paint happy”! HA!
The next step was to wait….
And wait… 
I left our paintings to dry over night.
When I got to school the next day, I saw this!
After taking a deep breath, I decided to simply lay them flat under a heavy box. By the time we were ready to finish our project, they were nice and flat! Problem averted 🙂
Some of my kiddies decided to scratch their picture with the tip of their scissors and some chose to use their pencils. Both worked great!

The kids were REALLY proud of their masterpieces. 
It was a successful art project!

I recommend this project for any grade. It was a lot of fun!
Later gators,

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