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Does “Growing Bundle” Mean You’re Expecting?!

Hi everyone,
I have had so many questions regarding my growing bundles lately that I thought I’d pop in here and give you a proper explanation. Although it DOES sound like I’m expecting, I’m not. Trust me. Ain’t no baby growing in this belly! Ha!
If you have been visiting my TPT store and have been wondering what the term “growing bundle” means, keep reading. 
Growing bundle means that a set of packs will be put together in one download, in order to help everyone save money. So if you purchase all the sets, instead of just one or two, you save money. In order to properly explain, I will use my latest growing bundle to show you how it works. In my Phonics Curriculum, I have THREE growing bundles (squares with purple on the right). Take a look at the hands-on set in the graphic below. 
Right now, the first two units in all three bundles (Alphabet & Digraphs) are available in my TPT store. The other sets have not been created yet. However, if you want to make sure that you stay on top of things and receive all units as soon as they are available in my store, a growing bundle is your best bet. When you purchase this type of bundle, you are basically trusting the creator/seller to add the promised units in the near future. In order to properly thank you for your trust, you are given a BIG discount for purchasing things that don’t even exist yet! 
Get it? It’s a win-win 😉
How do I get the things that don’t exist yet?

It’s easy. As soon as the next set is made available in my store, you can go back to the “my purchases” section in your Teachers Pay Teachers account and re-download the item. This time, a new file will be added to the item and you will be able to open it to get the new goodies. 
When are the new sets available to download? 
How long do I have to wait?
That depends on the growing bundle that you purchase. If it is a seasonal bundle, like my Writer’s Workshop for example, the sets will be available way before you need them. For example, the Fall writing pack has already been added to my store and is ready to be downloaded for everyone who has purchased the bundle. 
What growing bundles are available for purchase?
You can find all my growing bundles in my TPT store
CLICK on the pictures below to go take a look.

These bundles below are COMPLETE. 
This means that you get EVERYTHING as soon as you purchase them!

Happy shopping,

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