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Editable Writing Prompts

I wanted to let you in on a little secret… I’ve been working on something HUGE and it’s finally ready for me to share with you! I think this new resource will be a BIG problem solver for MANY teachers like you.
Are you tired of spending hours searching for writing papers for your students? Finding the perfect writing template can be frustrating. With editable templates, teachers can now create them in SECONDS with ease, saving a great deal of valuable time. No more spending hours searching for the perfect template.

You can now create custom writing pages in 4 easy steps:
First, choose if you want a template with or without a rubric.
Next, fill in the rubric with your goals. You can fill in your rubric to fit the specific needs of your class.
Then, choose from four options for your page orientation and writing lines.
Finally, type in your title and you’re done! All you have left to do is print your new custom writing templates.
Easy peasy, and with 80 different writing templates available, just imagine the possibilities!
Let’s take a closer look at how easy this is!
Want to give it a try? DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW FILE and try creating your very first custom template.

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