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End of The Year Activities

We’re nearing the end of the semester already! And it can be hard to keep things fresh and exciting for students. Everyone is ready for the upcoming holidays, and looking forward to having a break from school. Sometimes that means students aren’t as engaged in learning as they were when school began. And teachers are ending the semester feeling worn out from all that’s been accomplished so far.

First, that’s totally normal and temporary! Second, having fun resources on hand that will increase student engagement and energy without having to spend an enormous amount of time on creating the perfect activities.

Looking for some fresh and fun activities to get you to the finish line? Let me help you with some fun and engaging year-end activities!

Keep It Interactive!

Get your young learners moving and actively participating with Digital and Printable Interactive Activities and games.This is a great time to integrate and review what you have already taught so far this year. Whether your students need extra practice with:

  • Phonics
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Growth Mindset
  • Science
  • and more…

You will find all kinds of kinesthetic activities, bundles, printables, and digital downloads to use in your classroom, and keep their young minds active. Teachers love using the interactive  resources in whole or small groups, centers, or extra practice. The flexibility of these activities will be able to suit practically all primary learning needs.

If you’re in need of a fresh way to practice those critical skills, this is it!

Increase Student Engagement with BOOM Cards

One of my favorite kinds of digital interactive resources are boom cards. If you haven’t heard of Boom Learning and Boom Cards before, or you just want a little refresher, check out these previous blog posts I’ve written to give you all the information you need to get started.

One benefit of all of us distance learning for a time, is that we found amazing digital resources that gave our kids what they needed even if we couldn’t be there with them. Now that we have more and more flexibility, and are more inclined to access digital resources than ever, I love using them in my classroom to differentiate and track student learning and progress, while they are enjoying fun and super engaging digital games! With Boom Cards, you get a resource the kids love, plus it collects data you can use to inform instruction! It’s a time saver for sure!

 All Boom Card sets include:

  • Digital flashcards
  • Self-checking games
  • A variety of graphics and choices to keep their attention
  • Free and Paid options to use with the Boom Learning Platform

The  Boom Cards sets on my TPT page also give you an opportunity in the product description to try it out for free before you invest more time with your own students.

Crack the Code

If you haven’t already integrated coding apps into your instruction, now is a GREAT time to start. I promise, it’s easier than it sounds, and your students will get so much out of it! Coding is a great way to infuse new energy into student learning.

You might be asking; Why do primary students need to be exposed to coding? Or, Will it even be useful for my young students at this age? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! I want to support teachers when it comes to trying new things—especially when it comes to integrating  technology— so I have a coding blog post to answer all your questions and hopefully ease any doubts you might have about trying it in your own class. 

There are coding apps that can be used with IOS, Android or Google Play. Below, I list my personal favorites, make sure to check out the “My Favorite Coding Apps for Kids” blog post for comprehensive information on these apps and all things coding for kids!

  • Code Karts
  • Box Island
  • Scratch Jr.
  • Lightbot Jr
  • Hopscotch(for more advanced coders)

You’ve Got This!

You’re in the home stretch! It’s a great time to find new ways to infuse fun into classroom activities. I’d love to hear more about what activities you are including in your end of the year plans. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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