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Engaging Winter Craftivities For Primary Students

Wintertime is such a fun season when it comes to learning. It begins with the holidays and a fresh, new year — and a fresh new start!  It’s a time full of fun and possibilities! Whether we are heading toward the end of your semester/term/school year, or already jumping into the new one, we’re always looking for engaging activities that make learning fun, and show off our student progress at the same time.

If you’re ready for some fun, no prep winter themed resources, I have some that I know you are going to love! You’ve worked hard to get here, let’s make it easy on you to transition into the new season!

Winter Sports Crafts and Activities 

In this bundle, you’ll find hands-on games, crafts, and no prep pages that review math and literacy concepts your students have already learned. There’s also a complete list of team building activities that will keep your classroom community strong through the end of the year. Your students will have fun doing all the crafts within this bundle as their excitement grows for the holidays or the winter months. The writing prompts and mini book activity will be great additions to your literacy center. 

Other Highlights Include: 

  • Olympics Order
  • Reading Comprehension Books
  • Sporty Sentences – Sentence Order
  • GO TEAM! A Sight Words Game
  •  2 Bubble Maps
  • “My Teamwork Mini Book” – available with both primary and secondary lines
  • Writing Prompts: “I Am A Team Player”, “My Team ROCKS!”, “My Favorite Winter Sport”
  • A list of fun team building activities
  • Craft templates

Winter Bear Craftivity

Along with these cute bear themed crafts, you’ll find Language Arts activities that will build on your students’ writing strengths. To fit the needs of a variety of classrooms, this pack features writing prompts on full and half pages that can be printed with primary or secondary lines. Sequencing and describing activities will test your students’ comprehension and understanding of texts. Kids will especially love getting to outfit their bears with the accessories provided.  

Other Highlights Include: 

  • Sequencing Activity
  • Acrostic Poem
  • Describe A Bear
  • Are, Have, Can Chart
  • Building Words – Hibernate
  • ABC Order
  • Read/Write The Room – Sight Words
  • Template For Bear Craft – hats, scarf, and bow are included so your students can dress up their bear for the cold winter!

Penguin Themed Craftivity

In all my years as an educator I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love penguins! They are just so cute and represent winter well in a child’s mind. With this themed set, your students will get to create their very own skating penguin. They will also enjoy learning all about penguins using the KWL Chart that is included in this set.  

Other Highlights Include: 

  • Emergent Reader Text
  • Bubble Map
  • KWL Sheet
  • ABC Order
  • Writing Activity
  • Writing Prompts
  • Venn Diagram
  • Are, Have, Can Activity Page
  • Coloring Page
  • Class Survey
  • Template for Penguin Craft.

This template comes in 2 sizes. The small penguin can be placed next to your writing activity. The large penguin has the writing activity on the penguin’s belly. 

Snowman Themed Craftivity 

When kids think about winter, playing in the snow is one of the very first things that pop into their minds. Even if they don’t live in a place that often gets snow in the winter!  With this craftivity, children will love making the cute snowman craft. They will also get to show their creative storytelling abilities with the snowman story template. The How to Build a Snowman worksheet will help students practice first, middle, and last sequencing.  

Other Highlights Include: 

  •  Emergent Reader – full page color & half page black and white
  •  Sequencing Activity to go with reader
  •  Word Wall
  •  Word Wall Activity
  •  Scrambled Words
  •  Describing Words
  •  Labeling
  •  Story Writing
  •  Sequencing
  •  2 Writing Prompts
  •  Template for Snowman Craft! 

I can’t wait to hear about the fun your students have with these winter craftivities! Make sure to follow All Students can Shine on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates on all kinds of support you and your primary students will need to make the most of the rest of your school year!

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