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Manipulative MATH

I’m SOOO happy to tell you that the manipulative math flip book is finally here!! I think you’re going to love this one. It’s PERFECT for small groups, centers, and early finishers!
Here’s some info…
Manipulative Math is a flip book that will help keep your little learners engaged! It will provide a hands-on experience for your kinesthetic learners and will quickly become a favorite activity in your classroom!

This resource contains SIX math flip books: counting bears, roll the dice, snap cubes, number lines, pattern blocks, base ten blocks. Each flip book contains 10-12 tasks for your students to work on. They are designed in a way that students can use the same cards over and over again with different numbers each time. (download the preview file to see sample pages)
**You will also get an EDITABLE file to create your own task cards.**

There are also 17 manipulative math mats included!

There are several ways to display this in your classroom. Cut out the cards, and punch a hole in the top corner of each card. You can choose to either put all of the games on one ring or set up a “book” for each manipulative. Choose the pages that your students can use depending on what materials you have available in your classroom.

Have manipulatives available. For each flipbook, you should have the main manipulative available for your students (counters for the counting bears book). However, you might want to allow your students to use other items, too. Place your math manipulative flip books close to baskets containing a variety of objects that your students can use.

Add a written component. Math mats are provided in this file. Place them in plastic page protectors, and have students use dry-erase markers to record their answers.

Add a technology component. Get your students to share their work in digital portfolios such as Seesaw, Class Dojo, & Google Classroom.



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