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Missing Pieces – Mystery Solved!

Hi everyone,
I’m here to share a little tip with you today!
As you may already know, I love making crafts with my class. I just love how they motivate my students to write great stories. They are a great way to spark their imagination!
I usually am pretty flexible with rules during our crafting periods. Some of our “stricter” classroom rules fly out the window during craft time… as long as the project gets done 😉
I do, however, have ONE rule when it comes to crafts in my class. 
This all started with the case of the mysterious missing craft pieces…

I used to have so many instances when mysterious papers would just DISAPPEAR before our crafts were finished. I used to run to the photocopy room to make extra pieces for those kids who were in tears because their craft pieces had MYSTERIOUSLY taken off…
Well no more, my friends! No more!
NEW RULE: My students are NOT allowed to throw away ANY of their scraps until their craft is completely finished!
I just don’t have the time to run to the photocopy room in the middle of our craft time to make my kids more arms, feet, or whatever may have “disappeared”.
My new rule has MAGICALLY changed our crafting experiences 😉
This took some convincing but together we have come to respect 
the “NO recycling until you’re done” rule! HA!
What do they do with all those scraps during the crafting process? Simple. 
They keep them on the corner of their desk.
Some of my students like to work standing up, so they use their chair for their scraps. Whatever works. I’m not picky. 
As long as there are no tears for missing pieces, I’m good 😉
I also use this rule when we work in our interactive notebooks, when we do “cut & paste” activities, and whatever other activities consist of cutting and gluing!
So there you have it. A simple trick.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 
Later gators,

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