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Quick & EASY MATH Centers

Ever wish you could find the perfect math centers? Games that didn’t use up all your ink, saved you oodles of time, and are EASY to organize? Well, you’re in luck!

Centers are meant to help students learn independently by being engaged and challenged with hands-on experiences. They allow for collaboration and meaningful practice with math concepts. They allow the teacher to work with small groups. Centers provide students with authentic learning experiences.

What do I love most about these math games?

Simple. They were created with every teacher in mind. 

– Each game prints on only two or three pages. This saves you TONS of ink! With this resource, you use less ink and less paper, but get the same amount of fun and learning!

– All the cards are small enough to fit inside a photo box! If you have a slight obsession with those CUTE photo boxes like I do you’ll love this feature!! Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me! 😉

– ALL games come with both color & black and white options. You can choose which option works best for you!

– Every game comes with a recording sheet AND an answer key!

– I threw in visual instruction cards for every center to help your little learners get started on their own. Student independence is KEY to successful centers, am I right?! 😉

This math bundle includes 7 sets of centers:
– Subitizing
– Number Sense (1-10)
– Number Sense (11-20)
– Addition to 10
– Subtraction to 10
– Addition to 20
– Subtraction to 20
Each set includes 4 games and has a theme that can be used year-long.

In each file, you will get:
– Four math games
– Visual instruction cards for students
– Recording sheets
– Answer keys
– Color and B&W options for all games

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