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Category: literacy centers

Learning Centers – Love Them or Fear Them?

Are you still resisting the idea of using hands-on centers in your classroom? I get it! I was pretty nervous to implement centers. I had so many questions: how would I manage my students’ behaviors? Won’t it take a ton of prep? I don’t have time! As with many new

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My Phonics Curriculum Is Here!

Hi everyone, My Phonics Curriculum has finally arrived and I could not be more thrilled! I have been brainstorming this project for months now and I’m so excited to share some new things with you. ** Stick around.. I have a BIG SURPRISE for you at the end of this

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Guided Reading Games

Hi everyone, I am very happy to announce that we are FINALLY working on sight words in my class! Yes, we started looking at them at the very beginning of the year. However, we are now in full swing “Sight Word Bootcamp” over here!! We read sight words every morning,

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My Center Rotation Routine

Hi everyone, Lots of you, on Facebook and Instagram, have asked me about my centers. Today, I’m here to show you my daily center routine. I should tell you that I change things ALL THE TIME in my classroom and any of this is subject to change in the near

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Guided Reading Activities

Hi everyone, I’m finally ready to reveal my new guided reading pack and I’m so excited about it! Last year, I made it my mission to improve my guided reading time because I knew that it was very valuable for my little learners. I learned a lot about my students

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