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Category: classroom management

5 Simple Class Management Hacks

Classroom management—it’s one of our biggest issues as teachers. Without a solid classroom management plan, kids can quickly get off-task and disruptive, which isn’t exactly conducive to a productive learning environment. Since I know teachers can always use more tricks up our sleeves, today I’m sharing my top five teacher

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My Center Rotation Routine

Hi everyone, Lots of you, on Facebook and Instagram, have asked me about my centers. Today, I’m here to show you my daily center routine. I should tell you that I change things ALL THE TIME in my classroom and any of this is subject to change in the near

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MORE Classroom Clean Up Tips

Hi everyone, Have you read my Classroom Clean Up Made Easy post? I got such great feedback from lovely readers that I thought I’d share a few more tips to help you out with your clean up time! Tip One: Assign your students different items to pick up. For example,

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Ideas For A Calm And Happy Classroom

Teachers are always looking for new classroom management strategies. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been teaching. We’re always looking to improve our classroom “vibe” and we work hard to try different strategies in order to find the ones that work best for us and our students. For a long

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Classroom Clean Up Made Easy

Kids usually don’t make a fuss about clean up time. They love to help their teacher out and they often appreciate a break from sitting at their seat. However, we do sometimes struggle with encouraging our students to clean up the classroom and take responsibility for our shared space. When

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