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Category: math

5 Tips for Running Effective Math Centers

Math centers add so much value to your classroom. They’re a non-negotiable part in many primary classrooms because when rolled out appropriately, centers promote great learning strategies. They can completely uplevel your teaching! Hands-on access gives kids a chance to explore concepts they’ve already learned and strengthen their skills at

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How to Use Task Cards in Your Primary Classroom

Task cards are one of my favorite ways to add variety and fun to my primary classroom. One of the best features? Once you have prepared a set of task cards, you can easily reuse them with little to no prep, saving you tons of time!  What Are Task Cards?

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Exit Tickets: An Easy Way To Check For Understanding!

Are you a fan of using exit tickets with your students? They are one of my favorite tools in my teaching repertoire! Chances are, you do something resembling an exit ticket each day in your classroom, but you may call it something else. Exit slips, entrance tickets, closure activities. No

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We all know math centers are a great way to differentiate and personalize learning for our little mathematicians. They give kids the chance to apply strategies and math thinking independently while staying motivated to learn. They’re also a great way to help students build skills independently while teachers are focusing

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Flash MATH

Do you ever wish you had a quick activity to keep your students engaged while you work with a small group, organize your supply closet, or *ahem* make yourself a cup of coffee? I sure did and that’s why I came up with Flash Math. These games are sure to

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Manipulative MATH

I’m SOOO happy to tell you that the manipulative math flip book is finally here!! I think you’re going to love this one. It’s PERFECT for small groups, centers, and early finishers! Here’s some info… Manipulative Math is a flip book that will help keep your little learners engaged! It will provide a hands-on

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