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Inclusive Easter Activities for Younger Students

Spring is here! And Easter is one of our favorite fun holidays to celebrate with the kids! Bunnies and chicks are hopping, singing birds are everywhere, and flowers are beginning to bloom! There are lots of fun activities we can use to celebrate while the weather warms up! I have a few tips for keeping your students engaged and learning— And eager for some fun Easter treats. We want to be able to include everybody in the springtime fun without breaking the bank. So check out my go-tos below and have some hippity-hopping good times!!

Stick with an Easter Classic that Everybody Loves!

At my school, our special-ed team planned a whole easter egg hunt last year. We are SO lucky to have a cute little “forest” in our school yard. It’s beautiful to watch kids play in there during recess time, so our team decided to use this special space for our egg hunt. It was magical and included everyone! If you have the space for an Easter Egg Hunt, I highly recommend it!

Don’t have the space (or weather) for an outside hunt? Set up an Egg Hunt inside! Have older kids help fill plastic eggs with candy or small toys, then hide them around your classroom before the students come in. For an added challenge- and if it’s safe to do so- let the kids hop around on one foot as they look for the treats!

Resources to Celebrate the Easter Season!

Need something a little more academic based? Check out a couple more of my go-to activities we integrate every year that I know you’re going to love!

Bunny got stuck in his basket… Oh my!

This one always gives us all a giggle! This cute craftivity is sure to make your bulletin board a beautiful display for Easter and/or Spring!

It’s colorful, fun, and along with the craft templates, you’ll also get

  •  Writing Pages – 4 prompts available with both primary and secondary lines
  •  Acrostic Poem – color and black & white
  •  Word Search
  •  2 ABC Order Worksheets

Lots of center games, extra activities, and whatever you need to make Easter memorable and fun.

There are tutorials for both the *kid-friendly* origami bow and the paper basket weaving included!. These tutorials are filled with pictures so they are easy to follow for adults and students alike!

“This Spring Chick” Emergent Reader

The pages are printable in black and white so your students can have fun coloring in the illustrations!

Students can practice their fluency skills and there is a page at the end for them to finish their own creative spring sentence!

Looking for a Few more Simple Easter Activities?

Start with Snacks!

Have the students make “Easter Bunny Trail Mix” (also known as Easter Bunny Bait) with popcorn, goldfish crackers, pretzels, colorful mini marshmallows, sprinkles, white chocolate chips, and anything else you want to add. If you have parents sign up to bring in the snacks, make sure they all know about any food allergies or restrictions.

If you want to keep it healthy, stick to the snacks bunnies love most: CARROTS! There are lots of ways you can integrate veggies and fruits into your snacks to make colorful spring treats!

MORE Bunny and Egg Activities That are Tons of Fun!

  • Have a Bunny Hop dance party! You can easily find songs on YouTube or Spotify.
  • If you’ve got an outdoor area, set up a low hurdle course for the kids to run through and over.
  • Try some real egg decorating techniques like dying and marbling. You probably have everything you need at home already—vinegar, food coloring, oil, water, shaving foam… Get creative!
  • Use plastic eggs to do some sorting activities: by color, by size, by pattern.
  • Have the students make a “nest” or “shell” out of household materials that could protect an egg during an accidental fall from the top of a ladder. 

Whatever you do to celebrate Easter with your students this year is sure to create some fun memories! Enjoy these resources and tips, and stay tuned for updates coming your way on the blog and in the Facebook group.

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