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Hands-On Learning – Transform Your Reading Instruction & See Results!

Are you concerned that your students are not getting the most out of your phonics instruction? It’s easy to become frustrated and feel like we’re not doing everything in our power to meet our students’ needs. I’d like to share some teacher-tested and student-approved best practices with you because I think that every teacher deserves to see his/her students succeed.

Over the years, I have tried multiple strategies to get my students to dig deeper and become confident readers. Students love to learn, but they can quickly get frustrated when they are struggling with a new skill or concept. Our goal as teachers is to help our students develop their reading skills and constantly grow as learners. I truly believe that giving out students meaningful experiences is what will drive them to learn.

Did you know that one of the most effective ways for our students to comprehend new concepts is through hands-on activities? Providing students with opportunities to manipulate sounds and words is important for them to grasp those new concepts. Students need authentic, hands-on learning experiences.

Why hands-on learning games?

  • They provide engaging and meaningful experiences.
  • They allow for collaborative learning.
  • They give you time for small-group instruction.

Are you ready to turn your reading instruction from “blah” to “wow”?
I can’t wait for you to start this five-part email series because I know that you and your students will benefit from hands-on learning in your classroom!

What does this email series include?

  • Valuable information about hands-on learning
  • Tips and ideas for incorporating hands-on learning in your classroom
  • Storage and organization ideas
  • FIVE FREE games for your students!

*Every email in this five-part series contains a FREEBIE, so make sure that you open them all!*

Leave your info below, and I’ll get you started with your first FREEBIE today!

I look forward to keeping in touch with you!

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