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Category: writing

Teaching New Vocabulary Through Writing

Isn’t it exciting watching our students as they’re learning to read and actually comprehend what they’re reading? Once a child can read independently and absorb what they are reading, it becomes fun for them and opens the door to endless learning opportunities. When we bring in writing instruction that supports

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Editable Writing Prompts

I wanted to let you in on a little secret… I’ve been working on something HUGE and it’s finally ready for me to share with you! I think this new resource will be a BIG problem solver for MANY teachers like you. Are you tired of spending hours searching for

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I Appreciate You

I’d like to tell you that I appreciate you.I appreciate the long hours that you spend preparing the best lessons for your young learners.I appreciate the special attention that you give each and every one of your students.I appreciate how dedicated you are to providing the best learning experiences for

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Writer’s Workshop {Flipbooks}

One of my teaching goals this year was to improve my writer’s workshop. Every year, I feel like I need to work harder at getting my students to write GOOD narratives. I started this school year with this huge goal for myself and I think things are working out pretty

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Christmas Activities!

Hi there, friends! Are you ready to tackle the final schools days before winter break? I am! Let me share my plans for the next couple of weeks with you Christmas lovers 😉 My goal this week is to keep my students as engaged as they can be, while learning

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Plant Ideas & Activities

Hi everyone, We have been learning all about plants in our class and it has been quite the adventure! I am so proud of my students because they really have taken an interest in this topic. They have asked really good questions and are using our experiments to explore new

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